Technology Research and Strategic Radar

Technology Research and Strategic Radar

Advanced technology development and effective product development both depend on awareness of the market´s technology development. Also, new technology opportunities and threats have to be identified through a sensible “technology scan” and then to be observed by the means of a careful process of “technology monitoring”.

We have direct access to technology information through diverse channels such as

  • Personal relationships with leading R&D institutes assuring a high level technology evaluation
  • Industry experts with direct access to early technology and applications
    observation of R&D activities all around the globe
  • Multilingual online research for patents and applications, and online research in Scientific and R&D communities, in a world-wide context

MarketForce Team´s experts deliver technology information with a high and strategic value and strictly oriented to our customer´s specific needs and requirements.

The next events:

  1. Annual B2B Key Account Manager Meeting (German)

    1. December @ 19:00 - 21:00

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