Right of Withdrawal Instruction

Right of Withdrawal Instruction

Right of Withdrawal / Withdrawal instruction (for Consumers)

The Right of Withdrawal and Withdrawal instructions presented here come into effect with any MarketForce Team projects company (MFTP).

§ 1 Right of Withdrawal

Consumers have the right to withdraw this contract within 14 days without mentioning a reason. The deadline is 14 days from the point of time of receiving the confirmation. For expressing a withdrawal consumers have to inform the respective MFTP (if preferred via MarketForce Team, Postfach 400418, 40244 Düsseldorf, e-Mail: anmeldung@MaFo-Team.com) about your decision to withdraw our contract via an unambiguos message, such as a postal letter or sending an e-mail.
In orderto keep the deadline it is sufficient to send this message before the deadline.

§ 2 Consequences of the Withdrawal

In case you have withdrawn this contract, we have to transfer all your payments immediately and within 14 days latest from the day we have received your information on withdrawal. For this repayment we will use wire transfer. In no case we will charge fees for this. In case you have demanded for our services carried out during this period of time between withdrawal and deadline you will be charged a service fee adequate to services received.