Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

One of the most significant impacts of Globalisation is a growing aggressiveness in international marketing, featuring

  • Brand mark piracy
  • Unfriendly multinational take-overs
  • Dumping prices
  • Quality swindles
  • and others more

Unfortunately, in many cases, it is hardly possible to retaliate to these attacks since the offenders´ locations are outside the reach of your domestic jurisdiction. Too often there is no chance to get hold of offenders or to stop them.

As a consequence, we may state there is an increased need for protection and far more sophisticated means of intelligence gathering: so-called Competitive Intelligence in order to identify any potential threats and to anticipate the offenders´ behaviour.

Competitive Intelligence is multi-faceted. The wide variety of available measures needs to be discussed face to face.

The next events:

  1. Annual B2B Key Account Manager Meeting (German)

    1. December @ 19:00 - 21:00

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