International Business Development

International Business Development

International market entry & expansion strategy includes such aspects as

  • Exploring and opening-up new market regions
  • Building new business relations within an intercultural context
  • Co-operations and strategic alliances
  • Mergers & acquisitions, take-overs
  • International shifts of production and administration sites
  • New venture management
  • Joint Venture management
  • Feasibility studies with regard to investment purposes
  • Foreign market business environment

Effective business development requires information on factors determining attractiveness and barriers of locations and markets. Each location or market may be analysed and evaluated in following dimensions:

  • Business environments such like
    • Technology development
    • Local acceptance of products and brands
    • Business innovation rate
    • Economic policy (taxation, currency etc.)
    • Availability and costs of resources (e.g. workforce)
    • Environmental regulations
    • Product-specific legal conditions
    • Socio-demographic statistics
    • and more
  • Customer groups´ behaviour and gradual changes in demand
  • Competitors and strategic impacts from industry outsiders, for instance
    • New product development
    • New technology application management
    • Pricing strategies and preconditions
    • Supply strategies and new sources
    • M&A intentions
    • and more
  • Potential co-operation partners
  • Brand awareness
  • Suppliers and strategic supply opportunities from today´s market outsiders

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