A.I. Marketing and Digital Internet Intelligence

A.I. Marketing and Digital Internet Intelligence

A.I. Marketing applies all opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for the purposes of Marketing and Sales.  An increasing number of marketing tools may be executed by our high-performance algorithms. Also in Marketing science, digitisation means enabling and the creation of something new, for instance

  • Digitisation of products and implementing new service strategies
  • Creation of new-type internet-based business models – the Second Life approach to your business
  • Support of marketing communication and personal selling with Partially Robotised Sales (PRS)
  • Context, event-, and algorithm-based pricing as part of your Yield Management
  • Application of Digital Assistents in Marketing and Sales

Within the area of Market Research, our Digital Internet Intelligence services make sure that data will be collected permanently, to full extent and in a fully automated manner – when it´s about

  • Data and facts
  • Opinions and attitudes
  • Online search behaviour
  • Detecting new trends

Digital Internet Intelligence may be carried out case by case or basing upon a long-term service contract.  In any case, deep knowledge is mined for you, put in  the right shape and sent to the digital device of your choice.

This is how MarketForce Team keep you in a competitive position.

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Automated Information Collection out of the World Wide Web

For your convenience, MarketForce Team have pre-defined the following Digital Intelligence services:

  • Strategic Surveillance by A.I. Web Monitoring
  • Trend Sentinel
  • Opinion Mining
  • Competitor Screening
  • Detection of Digital Threats
  • Automated Creation of Knowledge Bases