Full Service

Full-Service Business Development

1. Basic Country Information

Effective business decisions are based upon high quality business information – accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. MarketForce Team International.

Typically, we provide relevant information on country-specific features such as

  • economic climate
  • taxation
  • customs regulations
  • privatisation
  • convertibility of currency
  • labour costs
  • legal regulations
  • banking
  • government economic policy
  • socio-cultural idiosyncrasies
  • and more

We prepare customized business reports to meet your specific requirements, and we conduct in-house management seminars in support of your market entry strategies.

2. Concepts for Business Development
  • formulation of strategies for partnerships, alliances and co-operations, including the profiling, identification, and evaluation of prospects
  • feasibility studies
  • sales concepts
  • procurement and purchasing
  • supply chain management
  • finance and investment
  • identification and application for public funds for business development and investment purposes, feasibility studies, Joint Venture firms, etc.
  • identification and evaluation of business co-operation partners
3. Research for Purchasing Sources and Suppliers
  • definition of desired service and product profiles and suitable country sources
  • market research, first choice selection of qualified vendor firms
  • procurement of information on suppliers about
    • machinery and equipment
    • know-how
    • personnel
    • ownership structure / privatisation status
    • existing co-operations
    • references
    • etc.
  • inspection of sites
  • design of contracts
  • management of customs, transport, and tax formalities
4. Monitoring of Manufacturing and Supply Activities
  • on-site personnel in order to supervise and control
    • production progress
    • stocks
    • order status
    • logistics
    • purchasing
    • etc.
  • management of customs, transport and tax formalities
5. Support of Sales Activities
  • market research for suitable distribution channels
  • identification of qualified local sales representatives
  • identification of qualified local distribution channels and traders
  • training of sales techniques for local staff
  • support local business and negotiations
  • monitoring of the sales activities of representatives, branch offices or subsidiary companies
6. Company Take-overs (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • identification of potential firms (“long list”)
  • procurement of all necessary background information
  • carrying out of preliminary negotiations
  • selection of suitable firms (“short list”)
  • preparation and support of local negotiations
  • support until take-over is completed
  • reorganisation after the take-over
7. Setting up Subsidiaries and Joint Venture Companies
  • selection of locations
  • research for real estate, manufacturing sites, etc.
  • procurement of qualified personnel
  • support of company formatons
8. Business Promotion Funds
  • identification of national and international funds
  • clarification of conditions and application procedure
  • handling and taking care of applications until allowance
9. Local Support of Tenders (e.g. Reconstruction Programmes)
  • identification of tenders of all sections
  • clarification of conditions and contact persons
  • local support of participation
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